Digital at the service of luxury


For a long time, luxury brands have shunned the digital solution to promote their know-how and their exceptional products with good reason. I think this position at the time was quite justified and legitimate since the Internet has long been acclaimed as the place of good business and often at the expense of quality. An axis of communication in total inadequacy with the values ​​that our luxury flagships wished to convey.

Then shortly after the 2000s, certain luxury goods companies launched themselves on the web like web pioneers. We can cite, for example, the “Burberry” brand which has worked hard to democratize luxury on the Internet mainly by using the strengths of this communication network to its advantage. The initiative was risky because its brand image had a lot to lose but like gold seekers this brand and a few others have revealed a real nugget if we use this network wisely.

At the same time, as new luxury brands joined this channel, we have seen that Web players have been receptive to the needs of this new clientele, gradually adapting their service offerings to the needs of these new arrivals customers . The “Malakensa” concept is a perfect example of this, since it adapts the luxury retail experience to digital by offering a high-quality privatized buying / selling space combining digital and physical experience.

Year after year, digital players are increasingly securing data and offering more and more features that arouse our emotions, digital has a bright future ahead of it. Digital innovation having no limits, it’s a safe bet that we have not finished discovering luxury in new forms to the delight of our senses.

Many professionals who do not benefit from a recognized notoriety and offer exceptional know-how try to take advantage of this magnificent digital tool to promote their work on their own site but the internet is a real jungle where it is difficult to do so a name ! The ideal solution for these professionals to develop their notoriety would be to entrust the promotion of their know-how to a platform that is already well established, but here again, be careful!

Indeed, the risk that the medium does not match the exceptional content presented is often legion, unfortunately! Too often I have the opportunity to see exceptional properties like Yachts offered for sale on inappropriate sites or networks illustrating these multi-million euro properties with a few poor quality photos and a brief description! The presentation must match the content to arouse emotion, otherwise the digital tool loses all its potential. However, there is no shortage of tools to magnify these exceptional products: 3D Visions, Augmented Reality, Drone Vision, etc. Immersion tools that Malakensa intends to overinvest to enhance the exceptional products that will be entrusted to us. For these reasons, Malakensa will systematically request new visuals or offer to have them produced through its qualified partners in the event that an exceptional product is not sufficiently highlighted.

Luxury is also a way of life where the careful presentation of a product or know-how must necessarily be accompanied by human attention too often neglected on this great tool that is the Internet. Additional measures enhancing human relations are essential to complete a service offering worthy of luxury. On this relational aspect Malakensa will be a forerunner since our privatized access will allow us to consider each Member as an exceptional being by delivering ultra personalized attention.

Digital is all in all a wonderful medium to promote luxury products and exceptional know-how but the players in the sector must use the most high-tech tools to amaze our senses and especially not forget the importance of human relationships by sublimating they with ultra-personalized attentions

Mr Renaud Cyril , Founder of Malakensa