With the health crisis that we are going through, the luxury sector has never turned so much to the internet as a communication and sales medium. We can say that this has worked quite well for luxury players since the total sales made on the internet have never been so high. The sums spent there are also much higher, which reveals a certain confidence of Internet users in terms of confidentiality and payment security. However, not everything is rosy and many scams of all kinds leave a certain amount of mistrust in terms of quality and safety. Security issues are often linked or accentuated by the opening up of internet distribution channels to the general public.

For luxury players who are little or not well known, it is very difficult to assert their status and the quality of their know-how on a site in their own right because it is drowned among a host of professional sites that are often unqualified, which does not is not rewarding. Difficult for a buyer to make the right choice among the pages offered by Google! The solution is to advertise! Yes, but it takes a lot of time and substantial financial resources without being certain to assert its reputation and the quality of its know-how.

However, a solution specifically adapted to the needs of luxury professionals is emerging!

An elitist and innovative concept called “Malakensa”

Malakensa aims to offer a very high-end digital context designed specifically for luxury professionals. The definite advantage of the concept is to precisely target the highly qualified clientele sought by luxury professionals.

Malakensa has set itself the objective of promoting the work of all qualified professionals who work in luxury and very high-end, whatever their sector of activity. To do this, we are going to offer a privatized buying / selling space just like the exceptional content that we are going to select in order to sublimate them to an assuredly wealthy clientele. Many qualitative promotional tools dedicated to professionals are provided for this purpose.

Our goal is to offer an elitist concierge service combining a variety of high-end content and security. State-of-the-art physical and digital experiences will complement our service offerings. Malakensa wants to give a new dimension to digital luxury

What luxury sectors are open to professionals in Malakensa ?

Malakensa’s vocation is to offer her elitist clientele everything she could desire in her daily life, knowing that she will necessarily invest in what does best.

Prestigious real estate , Business real estate (offices, buildings, etc.), Luxury vehicles , Aeronautics (private jet, etc.) , boating (Yacht) , High Tech and Multimedia products , High-end household appliances , Furniture interior and exterior design , Decoration and tableware , Garden (High-end accessories for the garden , high-tech swimming pool, etc.), Ready-to-wear , Fashion accessory (luxury leather goods) , Perfume & Cosmetics, Jewelry , Watchmaking , Works of art , Collectibles , Gastronomy (Non-perishable delicatessen), Exceptional Travel & Holidays, Sport & Hobbies (High-end sports equipment), Professional Services (Bodyguard, private detective, etc.), Events (Announcement of certain luxury-related events, Fashion Week, luxury fair, etc.)

What will be the benefits for luxury professionals who want to stream content on Malakensa ?

The first advantage for the professionals present on Malakensa will certainly be to target a qualified clientele likely to be able to afford their exceptional goods, products or services. The privatization of our content through high access rights for individuals guarantees this commitment. It should be noted in passing that professionals will have no right of access to settle. However, they must necessarily respect our quality charter in order to be able to distribute content on Malakensa.

The other advantage for professionals will be the availability of high-quality digital tools intended to promote their know-how and consolidate their sales. (Visio purchase, video report, very select physical showrooms, etc.).

Malakensa is also a sober, uncluttered, very secure, pragmatic digital framework, and above all without any advertising. In order to best adapt to its professional clientele, Malakensa offers two possibilities for remunerating its services. The choice between paying a broadcasting right according to the number of ads placed or giving up a certain percentage of sales made. In the latter case, if there is no sale, the professional has nothing to pay.

Our goal is to make sure that the professionals present on Malakensa feel they belong to a community that is a benchmark in luxury and savoir-vivre at the international level, all this in a reputedly very secure environment. We want to ensure that the mere fact that a professional is present on Malakensa is a guarantee of very high quality recognition.

To be able to offer you our dedicated solution, we are currently launching a fundraising campaign on one of the most famous Crowdfunding platforms. Very advantageous rewards are offered to you for the occasion ….

If you are an individual and you participate in our fundraising we offer you your membership fee for 3, 6, or 12 months following your contribution.

If you are a professional and you participate in our fundraiser, we offer you the possibility of distributing some of your exceptional content at no cost. An opportunity to discover and test our concept at a lower cost. Discover the advantageous rewards that are offered to you following your participation .

Offer valid until 29.04.21

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