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Our Charter of Excellence - Malakensa
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Our Charter of Excellence

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Our Charter of Excellence guarantees the top of the range to Malakensa Members.

In order to guarantee and ensure our quality commitments vis-à-vis our qualified customers, the Malakensa team will drastically select one by one the professionals and what they offer for broadcast by asking them to respect its charter of excellence. . Products offered by individuals will also have to comply with this same charter to another extent.

Rules concerning the acceptance of Professional Members:

_ Each professional must be registered in the socio-professional category of which he claims to be a representative. When registering, the professional must be up to date in all the administrative declarations related to his company. Malakensa will systematically request a KBis extract to ensure this or any equivalent document in the case of a foreign company.

_ Each professional must at least respect the code of ethics which governs his profession and must be approved by the body which regulates the said profession if applicable. Approval by a body specific to the profession recognizing the high quality of the products and services offered will be an additional guarantee of acceptance. Malakensa could contact any agency mentioned to make sure if in doubt.

_Then Malakensa will systematically become aware of the website of the professional who wishes to register in order to get an overall idea of ​​the goods, products or services offered. (Excluding a company already having a national or international reputation such as for example Channel, Château Margaux, Ferrari, etc.)

_ When registering Malakensa will systematically ask professionals for a storytelling of their company demonstrating the high-end nature of the goods, products or services offered. This storytelling will be accessible from each announcement made by the professional in order to inform and reassure our wealthy clients of the exceptional nature of the services offered. In addition to the proposed storytelling Malakensa will ask for a minimum of references from all companies that do not have a national or international reputation. No document will be requested (Invoice or other) but if there is any doubt Malakensa could contact the cited reference to ensure its veracity.

_ When registering, the professional must offer Minima a good, a product, or a service, in order to then be able to access the content of the site if his registration has been accepted.

_ Products deposited by professionals must respect the minimum value price imposed on certain segments. We draw your attention to the fact that any professional who overestimates a good or a product for the purposes of distribution risks being excluded from the Malakensa site.

Malakensa reserves the right to refuse any registration that does not comply with its ethics without having to justify the reason.


Regulations concerning the acceptance of goods and products deposited by individuals

_ Individuals will not be able to deposit goods or products in all the segments represented on Malakensa. See table on our post information “What will be the content of Malakensa” on our site. Only professionals will be able to advertise on all segments.

_ All goods and products deposited on Malakensa by individuals must have been estimated and also authenticated for certain products before publication. Either by the advertiser Member, or by Malakensa in the event of a request from our concierge. Associated with one of the largest European expertise firm and an audiovisual company, we take care of enhancing the visuals, estimating and / or authenticating the good or the product, and offering a detailed and informed description.

_ Individual Members can advertise in the segments reserved for them but they must respect the minimum value price imposed in the segment to which their product belongs. For example, in the field of art, only works with an estimated value of more than 5,000 euros will be accepted.